Organisations are challenged to create a work space that demands productivity, efficiency and profitability from employees whilst encouraging creativity. A productive work force is no longer achieved through the monotony of grid based office layouts, each employee confined to their own cell. A productive team, is a happy one. Employees who enjoy what they do are generally speaking preferred to those who don’t.

In seeking happier people, the work place has changed. The idea of a work place being one place has changed. Employees demand flexibility. The ability to work where they want, when they want. The collaborative / connecting power of technology allows productivity to remain high, whilst teams become more distributed. The office could now be a coffee shop, a library, a co-working space and occasionally, the organisations own office. Any surface becomes a ‘hot-desk’. but what do ‘hot-desking users need and how can a design solution cater for their ever changing needs from private work, to group work.

Work surface has been designed as a simple, seek all in one work station suitable for use in co-working spaces, libraries, educational institutions and offices. The basic combination of seat and surface provides the core foundation for simple work tasks. Work surface’s lightweight makes it extremely mobile, allowing users alike to re-configure their space. Units can be grouped in clusters for collaborative work, or separated for private tasks. When not in use, units can be stacked in groups of 6.