Makelocal is the title for a collaboration project between Opendesk and 100K Garages (ShopBot). Founded by myself and Bill Young (head of special projects @ ShopBot) it was a hugely successful co-marketing exercise that took us to 2 major events in the USA. The project was created as an umbrella theme under which key innovators in the field of distributed design and making come collaborate. Innovators showcase their products working in connection, demonstrating their role as key players in a new design and manufacturing revolution.

Our first demonstration at the New York Maker Faire attracted much attention. Using the Opendesk platform, we created a digital shopping experience. Users were able to browse designs and choose from 6 limited edition pieces, each of which could be purchased at the faire and made via a ShopBot CNC milling machine. Each of the 6 furniture pieces were created by 6 independent designers from France, Switzerland, Britain, Brazil and the USA. Every time a transaction took place at the faire, a fee was issued to the designer. In total, 40 items were sold, generating just under $1000 of which $400 was issued to the designers of the 6 limited edition pieces.

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