The Bundle Desk video

I formed Opendesk’s “Meet the Designer” blog series in 2016 and acted as creative director and producer, overseeing multiple collaborations with designers from around the world.

The story of Thor ter Kulve, his life on London’s canals and his new design – The Bundle Desk.

Thor is a London-based designer living on a houseboat on Regent’s Canal. His work redefines public spaces with innovative products that transform civic objects into tools of unexpected usefulness. Born in Amsterdam, he came to London in 2013 to study at the Royal College of Art. He successfully graduated in 2015 and has been living as a self-employed product designer in London ever since.

Thor’s unique way of life is an inspiration for his work. It allows him to think about his needs and how the objects he produces and consumes impact the world. He’s able to live in an affordable way in a city like London, where rental costs make sustainable living tricky. Living on a boat gives him freedom and takes him to fascinating places: through the city, its green spaces, its high-rise council estates and other in-between spaces.

I spent the day with Thor capturing his design work and unique way of life.

Video, sound (interview), editing and narrative by Josh Worley