Sergi Beltran

I formed Opendesk’s “Meet the Makers” blog series in 2016 and acted as creative director and producer, overseeing multiple collaborations with manufacturers from around the world.

Sergi is a third generation woodworker, born in Barcelona 62 years ago. Ever since he first picked up a hammer and chisel he had a love of all things wooden. With a family history in woodworking, he grew up surrounded by wood planks, shavings and sawdust.

Sergi runs a small workshop in the Camp de l’Arpa neighbourhood of Barcelona, only eight blocks from the Sagrada Familia Temple and four from the Sant Pau Hospital.

The Spanish Civil War from 1936 to 1939 caused the destruction and theft of much of the Sagrada Familia’s original furniture. Sergi’s grandfather was tasked with replacing this furniture, the most symbolic elements being the confessionals.

I dropped by Sergi’s workshop to capture his story with my camera.

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