IO Festival

A trade show and workshop based in Copenhagen, Denmark

Organised and curated by Space 10I/O brings people together at the intersection of art, design and technology, describing itself as ‘a playground for bright and curious minds’. Opendesk was invited to exhibit a collection of locally-made furniture as part of the event and host a workshop for a variety of industry professionals. I took to the stage to share Opendesk’s journey and vision for the future of design and making, before hosting a workshop with 30 curious minds!

The workshop explored very real, trending innovations, issues and topics. The fusion of smart technology and furniture was a core focus, raising questions about the deeper role of workspace furniture as a social interface between us and our increasingly remote colleagues. By taking principles derived from open source software development and re-applying them to ideas of workplace culture, we challenged participants to analyse their roles. The responses were used to inform the next phase of the workshop – design ideation – culminating in mock-ups, role-playing and illustrations – drawing on the diverse skills of each participant.

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