Augmented reality demo videos

AR meets local, distributed furniture production with Opendesk, VRTX Labs and Apple iOS 12. Digital fabrication technologies, now more widespread than ever, are increasingly designed to produce on-demand for individual needs Рmeaning products made for people, rather than warehouses or showrooms. AR technology is maturing rapidly and, with iOS 12, will be more and more commonplace. It provides the missing link between digital design and digital fabrication Рa digital showroom.

I product managed the delivery of Opendesk’s first AR experience, developed in collaboration with Hanover based VRTX Labs. In addition to product management, I oversaw the production of all visual content including digital design, photography and videography. I also managed the overall marketing campaign across numerous channels.

The above video is one of a series of three demo videos I produced to support the release of Opendesk’s AR experience.¬†Filmed using X2 iPhone 8’s and a custom build filming rig. Edited using Adobe Premiere Pro.

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