Photograph of Josh Worley

I was born and raised in the leafy suburbs of Surrey, England before graduating from Central Saint Martins with a First Class Honours Degree in 2014. I have spent some of the most exciting and challenging years of my life at Opendesk – a design-led technology company looking to localise the manufacture of products. Here I have progressed from Designer to Lead Designer to Content Lead, before taking on my current position as Head of Design. In my current position I maintain a holistic view of design from the direction and development of physical products to the conceptualisation and realisation of digital tooling through which these products are distributed.

I am ambitious and strive to challenge and strengthen my core design skills. Like many product designers, I’ve learned to be self-motivated and multidisciplinary. Unlike most product designers, I am passionate about learning and developing skills that surround my core design competencies, from parametric design to digital product development. Through these skills, I am able to bring even the most outlandish concepts to life and convince others of their value.

I am fascinated by The Commons and initiatives like Richard Stallman’s Free Software Foundation and the later Open Source movement. I am inspired by the concepts set out in these movements in a design context and in line with this, share much of my work with Creative Commons licenses.

My portfolio is broadly divided into 4 key components – product design, digital design, photography, and videography. Whilst each component can be viewed independently, my most successful projects are those that have drawn on all four areas.

I’m a Californian at heart, trapped in the body of a pale British male. The outdoors is where I flourish and annual trips to the surf and wildlife of the Golden State see me through the cold British winter. When my head isn’t buried in a sketchbook, I can be found mountain biking in the Surrey Hills or Surfing during the winter months in the English Channel.

Photograph of Josh Worley surfing in Ventura